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Sheila Talks

Shelia Talks about the "Are You Ready? " Project

The "Are You Ready' project is awesome because of the magnitude of what it speaks. It just doesn't speak only to collective

body of people but it also makes you examine yourself and your personal relationship with " Jesus Christ The Lord".

It also focuses on the question thats found in the scriptures: Mark 8:27-29. " Who do men same I am?" The disciples said " John The Baptist"

and other say Elijah, and others "One of the prophets". And he asked them " But who do say I am?" Jesus asked the question collectively

and then asked the disciples on a personal level. Peter answered him. "You are the Christ" Son of The Living God!

So- Who is Jesus for you? Only you can answer this! Its okay if you don't know because, Jesus is for the sinner just as much

as the born again believer. With that being said: Listen to the record, its words and the message, plus focus on your potential and the will of God for your life.

I encourage you " Are You Ready?", "Clap It UP", " Let's Praise", "Get Excited", "Gotta Know", " Lift Him Up" because, " It's Time"




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